Dental Arts, Inc. Tcs FlexibleRPD Partial Full Arch Dentures

TCS Flexible Partials

(2 days in lab)

TCS Flexible Partials adjust and flex with the natural contours of the mouth. Doctors and patients enjoy the unparalleled simplicity, comfort and aesthetics afforded by TCS Partials.

Benefits of TCS Flexible Partials: Thin, flexible, lightweight, durable and extremely comfortable metal-free partial dentures your patients will love.

Lightweight and Comfortable: TCS thermoplastics have properties that allow partials to be fabricated very thin without compromising durability, making them very comfortable for the patient.
Aesthetic TCS flexible partials blend naturally with the surrounding tissue and gums. A well designed and fabricated TCS restoration will be unnoticeable in the patient's mouth.
Biocompatible: TCS partials are biocompatible, making them ideal for patients who are allergic to monomers found in acrylic dentures.
Contain NO BPAs
Affordable: Patients searching for an aesthetic solution without the cost associated with crown/bridge or implants can benefit from this type of restoration without compromising aesthetics.

Full Dentures (3days in lab)

Made with the finest materials including lucitone 199 and premium teeth our price includes models, set-up, process, and finish.

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Fixed Restorations

IPS e.max press (2days in lab)

The cutting edge of all ceramic restorations e.max is a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic.   With its high strength and unsurpassed esthetics it is the choice for single crown restorations in both the anterior and posterior regions.


Porcelain Fused to Semi-Precious or Ni-Free Non Precious

(4 days in lab)

A Porcelain fused to Metal Crown is one of the most trusted, time tested fixed dental restorations available.  Ceramco 3 Porcelain fused to Nobel or Highnobel alloy allows for a very strong, highly biocompatable restoration.

Gold Crowns & Inlays (2 days in lab)

Gold crowns are still the strongest, simplest most dependable restoration offered and depending on the alloy can also be quite economical.

  • Full-Cast Gold Crown
  • White Gold Crown
  • Non-Precious Yellow or Silver Crown
  • MOD Cast Gold Inlay
  • MOD Cast Gold Onlay
  • Gold Preparation Extension with Post

Implant and Precision Attachments

We will work with any type of implant platform or precision attachment system. Contact us for free consultation.

  • Tatum
  • Nobel
  • Zimmer
  • Sterngold Attachment Systems

Denture & Partial Repair (1 day in lab)

We can assist you with any and all denture repair needs you may have.